• Newbie Vote Contestor

    Hi, I’m looking to create a group room in Facebook but I not sure where I should be looking for people because to be honest, my network aren’t really voting/contesting types. I’ve come up with my page (though I haven’t pushed out to my friends) but where to from here to make this work?


    You’ll find on that page that I’m looking to collect over 734 votes in any given one week time frame before July 31st but realistically I can only get a small handful of my own network to consistently put in the vote everyweek which means I really do need to build my “team”. I understand that the option of vote exchanges are available but to get over 700 votes just based on exchanges by myself seems somewhat unlikely. Having said that I’m happy to return the favour to team members, just not necessarily all at the same time. So will this work? If so….how can I make it work? Where do I look to bring my fellow campaigners aboard?

  • truckerofbc

    Hi Newbie and thanks for following contestmob. I have looked at your page and it is very creative. What you have created though is a Facebook page and not a Facebook Group. These are 2 very distinct issues. The Facebook page is essentially a page. Creating a Facebook Group is much more different in that you can add your friends from your friends list. The difference is that with the page, no one knows where it is and unless you tell them, they will not know about it. If you are looking for voters then most definitely go with the Facebook Group and add those who you know will vote or contest. Then the next best thing is to enter certain keywords into the search bar of Facebook like Vote. There will be hundreds of these groups already, but you can start there and add friends whom you will now know to be contesters and voters who are already on these walls. Once you create a Facebook Group with the word vote in it, is only a matter of time before people come to you. Some key words of caution, do not add too many friends at once or Facebook has a block that they can put into place. Secondly make sure the people you are putting in are real and not exchangers who most likely use fictitious accounts. Other cautions would be to watch your voting board and interact consistently since many people will post their links and not return. You will be responsible to keep the wall clean of old contests or make rules that people have to delete them every 24 hours as some boards do. Then they can repaste them. Most boards act this way, deleting anything over 24 hours to keep the wall neat. Your page will also work if you spread the word out to these other contesters, but that entails sending them all the link. Good Luck. 

  • Newbie Vote Contestor

    Hi thanks for looking over my page so quickly. I did notice that I’d setup a “page” rather than a group but since my own friend demographic aren’t really contestors and to start a “group” facebook requires that you list friends to invite so I was hesitant to bombard my non-contest friends with an invite to a ‘vote/campaign team’. But I’m sure I’ll have at least a handful of forgiving friends who are happy to let me add a name even if they’re not contestors and/or campaigners : )

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for reading Contestmob. Yes it is true that many friends on Facebook are not interested in contests and many would find it annoying to receive messages from everyone involved in the group which is why you have to be careful about whom you add. 

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