• Gingermommy

    I have had this happen to me and it does not feel good to be beat by a cheater. If I know someone is cheating I will and have reported it. Winning is NOT really winning if you need to cheat.

    • truckerofbc

      So true Gingermommy, but yet so many people utilize this method. Certainly some of the blame can be left to Facebook for not actually verifying the accounts, but it is ultimately up to the sponsor to recheck a contest when many, many people call it into disrepute. Good luck and may you have many wins :)

    • rtp985

      Just happened to me today I sent the contest holder this link

  • Helen

    thankyou for this. It does explain a lot

    • truckerofbc

      Your certainly welcome Helen. Thanks for following us. Keep reading ContestMob for more great tips and contests.

  • DawnW

    Nice to know this stuff goes on and something can be done about it

    • truckerofbc

      Yes Dawn, unfortunately a lot of foreign owned companies turn a willful blind eye to these antics. However a lot of North American companies are now turning to statistical analysis to crack down on cheaters who use mailinator and other cheating tactics.

  • http://twitter.com/PeveysGirl Caitlyn Pevey

    This has been going on for a long time and is getting worse. And most of the time if you say something to the ‘sponsor’ of the contest – they do nothing about it. Very few times do they actually say something or disqualify someone. I win contests from time to time but don’t have the time on my hands to ‘vote trade’ or go to all the voting pages and vote for everyone just to ‘maybe’ get a vote in return. I wish more people on your actual friendslist would help you out in contests. I have over 700 friends and normally can only get around 40 of them to help lol. But that’s facebook and contests. Win some lose some :)

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Caitlyn, yes I agree sometimes just saying something is not enough. Sometimes you need to do the actual detective legwork for these companies until it smacks them in the face like a fresh trout and reeks of fish! I too have a multitude of friends on facebook and occasionally I will go through that list and unfriend some peeps who have no shared interests (even a shared interest could include a random draw contest). I am always on the hunt for the Holy Grail of voters too. Thanks for following Contestmob.

      • http://twitter.com/PeveysGirl Caitlyn Pevey

        Yeah- I don’t have too much time to try to prove someone else guilty in a contest lol :) I figure Karma does a pretty good job of evening things out :) And feel welcome to follow The Daily Goodie Bag too :) We have a blog and facebook page :) (This is Caity by the way – I signed up under Caitlyn on twitter so it shows that name here :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/joansherbie Joan Sherbie Agbayani Acosta

      it’s my first time to join an online contest and yeah, i observe out of the 1000+ friends I have, only few would respond. I felt sad, but looking at your post now… I guess that is the trend. BTW, in case you’d like to extend help by voting, kindly check out my facebook wall. Tnx.

  • Carol S.

    Some great information. I have heard of these voting sites. I am fortunate that I run a Freebies page Freebies Я Us and that is where most of my supporters come from. I still have difficulty keeping up with others and I have wondered. I just made the top 12 and a contest to win an IPad and I wonder if everyone in the top 12 are legit. Wish me luck they are drawing a winner Monday and I am wondering if that is some how going to be fixed they are supposably recording it.

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following Carol and we wish you luck too :) Lets hope that sponsors can start seeing the light when people amass a few hundred votes in short periods of time or when people comment that the votes are fake. Usually sponsors will listen, but some need a reality check.

  • ang

    Very interesting article! Obviously some people have nothing better to do with their time and it just goes to show that people that do this have no morals and their lives are nothing but a big lie. I personally think that Karma will come back to bite them in the ass.

    • truckerofbc

      Ty Ang! Yes, there are some who have way more time than us…to create accounts, trade accounts and generally in my opinion what time is there left for the children of the household? Contesting also can have serious family implications on the health of the family nucleus. Stay tuned and watch for more great articles from ContestMob. Thanks for reading and following.

  • mari

    I personally think that the cheaters enter lets say 20 contests they exchange votes and only one person reports them they won the 19 others. So they are benefiting from this, I have reported many cheaters put up screen shots and everything and nothing gets down at all!! Then you are targeted even though you have done nothing wrong and the cheaters try to make you look like the bad guy. I am in a couple of contests and I lost 1st place to a cheater and the worst thing is when the sponsor is the cheater so they dont need to give out the prize.

    • truckerofbc

      I have often wondered this too Mari. Companies putting in fake persons so they do not have to spend or send a prize, but can actively encourage others to their site. There are times when I have so many FB friends that I often wonder when I see some names chosen who are in no way or relation connected to any of my contesting friends..and I have deep lists through Facebook. Thanks for following us on ContestMob :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/joansherbie Joan Sherbie Agbayani Acosta

      would you call it cheating when the sponsor himself “liked” a contestants’ entry (photo)? Its my 1st time to join and I noticed that the sponsor himself “liked” one of my fellow contestants… I wonder if he will “like” all of our entries, or it’s already an early sign of bias??? help pls…

      • Adrian_andres35

        I feel the same way too Joan..

      • Diana

        When a sponsor writes on their website that they like a photo early, or an entry early, I stop soliciting votes, as that entry has already won, before the contest is even over. I have seen this happen several times, and I was right to stop trying.

  • Reneetaylor

    I wondered how people cheated, know i know. It just amazes me that people have nothing better to do, i never enter voting contests and probably never will. I will vote for a friend , and wish them luck. :)

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following ContestMob Renee. Sadly this takes place on a daily basis all over the world from Asia to North America. It definitely turns more and more people away from contesting. Hopefully one day this will change :)

  • Anonymous

    This make me sick , sad and angry .It just not fair to the person who plays by the rules..what does that person(cheater) get out of it ..really thou..they didn’t really win the prize by playing by the rules..do they really want the prize THAT bad..ughh..I’ve said this once and i’ll say it again ..voting contest is going to ruin the contest world..I love entering contest..it’s fun and free but this voting, liking stuff is crazy..and you know it when someone goes from 20 votes to 300 in like 2 days unreal.

    Ok that’s my vent LOL..

    Great write up truckerofbc

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following Contestmob Sherry. Your opinion is exactly what the majority on facebook believe. Voting is unfair. I really do believe companies would get more followers in the fairness of random.

  • calmas

    I know I hate that there are people out there that cheat. It is bad enough that voting contests seem to be about who is the most popular. I’ve quit entering them even when you try to get votes legally it is too much work. I wish they would just go back to regular contest entering and drawing random winners. I also enjoy entering contests but this takes the fun out of it.

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following ContestMob Calmas. Yes, also agree with you. Sometimes the most popular actually would turn out to be the least popular voted if rules and fairness were followed.

  • car01ine

    I was in a voted competiton once for a recipe, great prizes and I led all the way until the last day when the votes jumped in the 100’s and I lost! Could never figure out why. I’m in one right now and working my butt off, friends are asking their friends, relatives in England asking their friends infact all over the world are rallying for votes for me, I’m treating it like a full time job but WHEN my opposition vote they get 100+ at a time. They only need to spend an hour a couple of times a week to catch right up! It’s so annoying.

    • truckerofbc

      Yes most definitely this is annoying. They come in spend a couple of hours at it, while the honest ones spend days, weeks or even a month working hard at it. Definitely can make one angry and feel helpless at the same time. Thanks for following ContestMob.

      • Car01ine

        mine started in Nov last year it’s been a long road, I even worked on it while we were on a 3 week holiday!

  • cheryl hodgkins

    I entered my granddaughter Sophie in the Heart of Ontario Contest..(first contest I ever entered) and have worked hard to get votes. I voted for others who in turn would vote for me, asked my family, friends and facebook friends. This contest started Sept 6 2010 and ends in 8 days Jan 31 2011. I have been in 1st place now for sometime. 2nd place had 286. We both would gain a few votes but nothing drastic. Once I reached 1,000k and noticed 2nd still hadn’t reached 300, I stopped asking ppl for votes as I knew there would be no way that 2nd place could catch up to me in such a short length of time. Tonight I happened to check and noticed a new name who wasn’t even in the running appear in 2nd place with 877 votes. From the time it took me to go outside for a smoke and then return, they went up by 23 votes and now they have 900. My heart just sank. In my heart I truly believe this person is cheating somehow because you dont appear out of nowhere in 2nd place with all these votes. I am just heartbroken :-(

    • Car01ine

      it does break your heart doesn’t it, all that hard work for nothing!

    • Helen

      well, I gave you a vote and you are still #1, but barely. If I were you I would send them a link to this page. I didn’t understand what people were doing to get votes until I read this. I suspect the contest sponsors don’t understand either.
      PS your grandaughter is adorable!

      • Cheryl hodgkins

        Thanks Helen..she means the world to me

    • truckerofbc

      Yes this is most disheartening Cheryl. Heart of Ontario I believe is a good sponsor though. I seem to recall they had another contest just recently in which they would randomly check through votes to ensure the legitimacy of each voter. Just pass your suspicions on to the sponsor and hope. But don’t give up!

    • Car01ine

      Start asking for votes again before it really is too late x

    • truckerofbc

      yes it is unfortunate Cheryly. I also have seen people do that in every contest. A big one right now which has been clearly showing it is the Doritos Canada contests “write the ending”. People amass 400 or 500 votes in less than a few hours.

  • Helen

    Another question for you, BC trucker. I did a bit of snooping on the votes in a contest mentioned above, just to see if I could identify something for my own interest. Why would a person have the same contest referral over and over again on their wall? (I’m talking over 80 times in a hour). What does that mean?

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Helen, generally when a person votes they have the option to share. Without going into too many details since I have not looked at the contest in question, they would by all intents and purposes from what you are saying, be spamming their link. By sharing it over and over again, they think that it will give them more votes. However, as we all know, Facebook only shares with your friends, not the entire world. Secondly, a lot of people have their newsfeed notifications set to a minimum of 250 so there is a big chance a lot of people are not seeing the post and this person may be misinformed thinking they are sharing with the whole world when in fact they are not.

  • http://twitter.com/pattiscanlon Patti

    I don’t enter them, and I don’t vote unless it’s a friend with a compelling reason. Usually something that involves a child. Life is to short and there are other ways to win so I don’t bother, who needs the grief. Especially the cheaters that use the bots for votes.

    • truckerofbc

      Welcome to ContestMob Patti and like you I agree. Who really needs the grief. Yes Bots are a prime example of cheating using different programs like Mailinator can produce cheating results very quickly. Hopefully companies will begin to wise up and go with good old random contests where everyone can like them and everyone has the chance to win.

  • http://twitter.com/leahsmama amy tulk

    Great tips on hunting down cheaters! I think if these people put the same effort into networking and trying to get legitimate votes- they could have good results! GRR I really HATE cheaters!

    • truckerofbc

      Yes Amy I totally agree! Sometimes though it is up to the sponsor to make the rules clear and precise. Like the current Olymel contest I am entered into, the rules were not clear and concise and still they are indirect in their approach to contest questions which relate to entries. You can check this out at Facebook.com and search Olymel

  • Chris

    I entered one of my boys in a cute kid contest on FB. I asked friends for votes, got enough and ended up with the most votes. Then the owners of the page, took the top 5, held their own discussion and picked a winner. The winner happened to be 5th. I didnt even get honorable mention, even with the most votes and all of them legit, including ones from people I dont know. I haven’t entered another vote contest since.

    • truckerofbc

      That sounds like another story that was done earlier Chris. Our famous writer Serena did an article earlier on how companies constantly change their rules which sometimes makes it distressing after all the hard work you do. To read more on her article just go to http://www.contestmob.com and search the previous archived material. Thanks for following Contestmob.

  • Marie S

    I entered my first FB and contest really late last week, because I thought I had a really god chance of winning since the current leaders only had about 2-3 hundred votes a piece and had their entries up for weeks. I was gaining on them quick with the friends and family in my network, but as soon as the sponsor posted an updated count over the weekend, they all of a sudden went from no votes in days to multiples of tens in minutes and it hasn’t stopped.

    Speaking with the contest sponsor, they are as baffled as the rest of us and not sure what to do , though they have stated that those caught cheating MAY be disqualified. A simple Google check on the leaders will show that they are pros at this and do it all the time– and win.

    It is upsetting because you put time and energy into it, thinking you have a good chance, not to mention involving all your connections, only for some people to cheat.

    The one thing that I will say. In the first two days after entering my own photo, and it still happens now, I am constantly getting votes and comments from people wanting to exchange. I have deleted their comments and links, but notice that they are liking the other entries too and leaving the comments. After I got one, I checked the leaders photo and it was deleted minutes later, but her stagnant vote count went up 70 votes in an hour and a half. Crazy.

    I will never EVER enter another LIKE contest on FB. Just random draws or judged by the sponsor.

    • truckerofbc

      Mari, sometimes the hardest efforts we put into things gives us very little rewards. Karma always comes back to those who stay true to their beliefs. If you stay the course, the rewards will come. Not all the sponsors will care and some like what you pointed out, will not understand the whole concept of exchanging either or they have no proof. But each time we can crack a little deeper into the cheaters, we scare them and wake up the sponsors to with what to watch for. Thanks for following Contestmob and watch for more great articles!

  • flycastin

    Great article and I feel for everyone here who commented that they had lost a contest to a cheater. I’ve been in a few recently that I’ve seen sponsors not care about it, but also have seen the extrodinary lengths some sposors go through to ensure a fair playing field for all entrants.

    Making sure the sponsor is aware of Vote Exchanging is one step into stopping this practice. Many sponsors are simply not educated about this practice and end up with a poorly run contest that upsets all entrants, may portray badly on their product/service, and eventually it clutters up their facebook wall with complaints.

    • truckerofbc

      Yes Flycastin, it is unfortunate that all of us have or will be there if we enter voting contests. It truly is a shame that people cannot just stop the cheating and play fair:(

  • Cathy

    The biggest problem I am seeing is the foreign accounts with multiple accounts entering these contests. I have been in a contest since Aug-I have over 3,000 votes been in first for months and 2 weeks ago big cheater from Romania-popa maria(she has hundreds of names)entered 2 weeks ago and has been in first now for 5 days-I have contacted the sponser but no removal-also she did the same thing in the photoweavers contest.That one she entered and is in the top in one day-its my understanding this is part of a voting ring that enters all these facbook contest runs up the votes then when they win the prizes they sell them on the black market-its a con and scam but what can we do if the sponsers wont control the situtation. Its obvious its working for them-its free to enter-all they have to do is enter chat-win instant profit.Any thoughts on this problem as it is getting worse-thanks

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Cathy, yes I have heard of people from the Philippines doing the same thing. Running a voting ring and then selling the prizes back on through a Facebook webpage to friends they have gathered for that sole purpose of buying things. It is unfortunate that they would do this, and harder still to stop them unless everyone stands up and makes noise on the sponsors website. You will find that in recent times, people have stood up to sponsors and some of them have actually changed the contest rules before the cheaters took over.

  • http://twitter.com/mrkaboomcon Mr. K

    this is a great, informative article! im getting bombarded with random friend requests and thet first thing they do is ask for my daily vote for a “friends” contest. iirc in the unboxing video, the lady in 1st who won the $2500 BB gc got so many votes like 1000 more than 2nd place did! i need to UNfriend people who cheat like that. maybe we should have a secret group so we can discuss who we should watch out for and avoid friending and such =o

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following and thanks for reading Contestmob.com :)

  • http://HealthyLoser.com Healthy Loser

    Thank you very much, I am Founder of HealthyLoser.com and doing my first Facebook contest for our Fan Page and was given this info by one of the contestants who informed me someone is cheating. I am green and after reading all these comments, I definitely will have to consider a sweepstakes draw next time. That is a shame because sharing to friends and friends friends is very beneficial to us sponsors. It may be to hard to justify the cost of the prize without the benefit that sharing does.

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Healthy, thanks for reading Contestmob.com and I am glad you found this article to be informative. It is sad that people will go to these lengths to win, but at least with a random draw, you can be certain alot of the people who would come to your site will be those who are at least real :)

    • Gsweet1981

      Vote for me, i return the vote for you.

      1- open the link : https://apps.facebook.com/winmacbookair/contests/217903/voteable_entries/50485294
      2- click of the button green “Vote now”
      3- you write one comment with your link so I vote for you too or share it in the wall.

      Thx and see you soon friendFB :)

  • http://dbogdan.com Ihearlights

    Great article. Thanks for sharing, i will look over these facts at then next contest i’ll attend

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for following ihearlights.

  • http://twitter.com/SuperluckyDi Di Coke

    I’ve linked to this article from my UK contest blog – it’s just started becoming a problem over here too! http://bit.ly/g1soKi

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks Di for the link up and thanks for following Contestmob.com

  • JediJeff

    I just LOST a competition I had entered on facebook. Obtained nearly 200 votes legitimately and the winning entry only had about 10!!!! I later found there to be a web of connections running between this winner and the organiser and voting panel. Can I report this to anyone? North America / Canada

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Jedi, as unfortunate as losing is, I truly hope that you can explain the situation to your sponsor. If they need any further information, please by all means share with them this article and explain how they may be as a sponsor losing prizes to those who are cheating. Good luck and thanks for following.

      • jedijeff

        Hey Trucker, it wasn’t the the organisers “losing” prizes to cheaters…….

        The problem was that the person who won was known personally to the voting panel AND the competition organisers. They used to work together! Possibly why their 10 votes won despite others having 30, 40, 100 and 200 votes etc!

        They recently ran another competition and the winning entry only had 3 votes! (1 of which was the organiser, the other of which was the contestant!!) and again, others had up to 200 legitimate votes.

        This competition was purely run to scam people into liking their page and then giving prizes to their mates (if the prized actually existed).

        Appalling behaviour by contest organizers, but even more so is the fact that nothing can be done despite tonnes of evidence of wrongdoing.

        • http://twitter.com/truckerofbc truckerofbc

          Yes, these types of contests certainly hurt others, but in the end it does nothing to help them gain a fan base. You might want to read todays article on this problem.

  • http://twitter.com/ximishork Sarah

    great article :D
    I’ve post your link in my blog ( http://shork.org ), ’cause the same sh** happens on german facebook contest sites and this really sucks :(

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for reading Sarah and thanks for linking our post. Yes I don’t really think this is a singular countries problem. I am sure this happens in every online contest around the globe and as word gets out to sponsors, they will have some key tools to use in their resources for fighting the cheaters.

  • http://www.healthyloser.com Healthyloser

    Well we disqualified the three first contestants in the Healthy Loser Weight loss tips contest. Thanx everyone for the info. I wouldn’t have been aware of the cheaters if it were not for one of the contestants referring me to this blog after suspicioning some of the contestants. I was shocked as a sponsor that this could happen even over a $100 contest. We won’t be doing a facebook contest on votes again. We are doing our $5,000 weight loss Challenge again everywhere in US and Canada. There will be groups of 300 people each and the person in each group that loses the highest % of body weight using any strategy receives $5,000 cash. 2nd place $1,500 and 3rd place $500. Anyone interested can visit http://www.healthyloser.com

    • Liv

      But are you sure? Did you check IP addresses? How did you know?

  • truckerofbc

    Good for you Healthy in taking a stance and standing up for what you believe is right. I am sure you will gain more loyal fans and fans who will actually support your business when all is said and done. I just might be interested in the next contest you have with my current weight at 260 :)

  • http://www.healthyloser.com Healthyloser

    I would be happy to hear from you, you may be able to relate somewhat to my success story on the site at http://www.healthyloser.com/Healthy_Weight_Loss.php

    Can you tell me how I add a picture to my profile on your blog. I am going to try figure it out but if you don’t see a picture on my profile than I need a tip.

  • Angelic_cecil

    Not to be rude or anything. This is my opinion.
    1] No way I’m going to win if most of Family and friends doesn’t play FB. Lucky you that most of them active in FB willing to like your photo (part of the situation)
    2] Alot FB account is empty even it is Real person using it.
    3] IF the numbers of family, friends and friends of friends is lesser than the contestant. How own earth are we manage to get people to vote. Nowadays either they don’t even care to vote or some even quit FB.
    4] 100 exchange is cheating. Login on behalf of my mother, brother (if they didn’t have an account) can’t I just create like 5 to vote if they are my family members who doesn’t have an account? I pm an oversea person for a vote or more (like 5 votes) cos’ that the competition needed a vote to win. She/He return back the same way. Login on behalf of her family too.
    5] Btw FB likes is something very hard to judge which is right or wrong. There’s nothing fair in it between the contestant and organisation.
    6] Why not just post the photo and ask us send the entry vote by SMS, snail mail and so on.

    Competition is something talk about Creativity, Uniqueness and Catchy that attract people to vote. But then asking someone to Like the Fan and Like the photo to support doesn’t mean the person see the photo and say yes this is nice I would vote for her/him.

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Angelic thanks for reading Contest Mob. To answer your questions. Yes, most of my family and real life friends are not a part of my Facebook for the sole reason, they don’t want to be petered by me daily for votes. However, having said that, I would not create accounts for them for the sole purpose of voting. If this was the case, I could simply pull up a genealogical chart of my family history and go back to the 1940’s listing every single Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, and in-law that would appear.  Yes I agree 100 vote exchanging is cheating. On the same token, creating accounts of relatives en masse could be portrayed as the same. If for example, the relatives are a member of your household, then I see no reason why you cannot make an account for them (Wife, Husband, etc). In this case, there is proper proof if the sponsor requires either through identity checks or other means to validate a persons entity. (I.E. Bill Statement, paycheque). Being in the age of computers means that snail mail unfortunately has gone the way of dinosaur. I hardly think there will be a contest left in the world that will follow this method. A SMS on the other hand could be validated as most people only have one cell phone access or one personal telephone access for a verification. Thanks again for reading. :)

  • LuvAL

    Can I ask, what does it mean when there is a “X” next to the person who comments on the photo and it also highlighted in darker grey color? When I check other contestants’ comments, it did not appear in that way.

    • http://twitter.com/truckerofbc truckerofbc

      The X is an option to remove the comment. If it is a comment on your photo or a comment underneath a comment that you have made, you have the option of removing that other persons comments.

    • truckerofbc

      Hi LuvAL and thanks for following contestmob.com. I was looking at your question and it did strike me as odd also. However, what I do believe that you are looking at is the X which allows you to delete their comment. If for example, they comment on a thread which you created, you have the option of removing that comment. If for example, it is a comment on someone else’s post or elsewhere, you will not have that option. I hope this answers your question. I too have the same X’s on some (on my posts), but not on others. 

  • captainmarvel

    i found this website where you draw your OC (original character) and if people vote on it enough, then they’ll make it into a toy and put the character in their comic. I submitted my OC Masato and they drew him for me! I need you guys to help me get votes. Please? it’ll only become a toy if it comes in first place. here’s the link


    • truckerofbc

      Hi Captain, unfortunately I will not click links that are not accessible through Facebook. While I appreciate your readership I am always available to help others through Facebook. Thanks for following Contestmob.com. 

  • ysanglilai

    Pls. vote for my daughter, ALYANNA. Online voting is until midnight of June 8. Thank you!Here are the details on how to LIKE her pic:- Pls. like the page first by clicking this link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phil-Royal-Prince-and-Princess-Official/191434370901819?ref=ts&sk=wall- Then, click this link to LIKE Lilai’s pic: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199694190075837&set=a.1996932

  • Mom3Kids

     I’m in a FB video contest right now for a large sum of $$. The problem is the #1 video and #2 were both obviously done by professional actors/directors/film crews, and it’s supposed to be an amateur “mom” type family competition, where they stress to go ahead and use webcam, iphone etc… – I waited until last two weeks to enter because top two only had 700 votes – and at one vote per day, and me with over 600 friends, I figured I would be on a fair level to compete no problem…. then suddenly within a week the #1 video shot to over 3000. Now it’s been sitting for days with not a single vote….. I trolled around on the internet and found forum posts online where they were offering $$ to buy ANOTHER 1500 votes before the contest ends in a few weeks. There is no way the hundreds of other contestants can win, and these guys are both obviously professionals at contest scamming. What should I do? This contest is big money, it seems the big gun cheaters came out and the contest sponsor is clueless.

    • MOm3Kids

      Ohhhh it gets worse, I went to his profile and he has over 1000 friends, all with locked profiles, all with the same kind of layout and exactly the same settings and names like “Alison, Ali, Alia, Alice, Alison Wonderland”  — but the network is even deeper than that – the friends all seem to go to more and more profiles all exactly the same settings, similar likes and such – all locked. It’s a total fraud. They must have a room of people that do nothing but scroll through these profiles updating “votes” for whatever they want to win. FYI this is for a contest for a MILLION dollars. I”m a single mom of 3, and the money would change our life, and we had a cute video that was slowly moving up in the rankings, but there is no way we can compete. Should I turn in the top competitors? It looks like they are all the same group!

      • truckerofbc

        Yes by all means. I am sure i know the contest to which you refer and will not name it publicly. Of course one would assume for a prize this large this sponsor will definitely check cross their t’s and check their dots. I would email them with the screenshotted info and any relevant proof you have including those accounts to which you refer. Thanks for following Contestmob.com

    • truckerofbc

      Hi Mom and thanks for following Contestmob.com. As in your situation there are many others that are like it. Not unique, but at the same time very frustrating. Again, I will reiterate what I always state. Make Screenshots of the site they are posting too. Make screenshots of their link on that site. Make a screenshot of a side by side. their link URL opened leading to their contest page. All evidence is valuable. Once you are armed with this info, find the sponsors email and email them the proof in a well written letter along with the attachments as proof. Please note however, that oftentimes, the main sponsor is not looking after the contest. Usually if you read the rules and regualtions there is a third party handling the contest for the sponsor. Make sure you know whom you are sending it too. thanks again for reading Contestmob.com 

  • rosemdavis

    My daughter is in a contest right now on facebook and the numbers of some of the contestants look STRANGE to say the least….I feel so helpless in that I cannot prove what is happening but 300-600 votes in a matter of hours is strange……put it is happening, I would hope that the contest holder will figure it out since this is not the first time that they have done a contest on facebook.  Anyway stopped in to see if I could figure out what was happening.It is not right……

    • truckerofbc

      I feel for you in your contest. Unfortunately there is not much you can do unless you can prove that your competitor is cheating through screenshots or other mediums.

  • Jason Mars

    I won some expensive ass portable speakers by utilizing the Vote Exchange! FUCK YEAH!

    • truckerofbc

      Well congrats to you Jason. It may work once in a while, but eventually someone will screenshot you doing this and you will be called out publicly for it. Some sponsors turn a blind eye for this so it is up to the sponsor as well. Thanks for reading Contestmob.

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    im getting completly bummed i entered my little guy in a contest we had the lead for the first few days and then out of now where this lady came in not only did she kill my 60 vote lead she had by passed me by 100 now. and goes up by 50 to 100  votes everyday. what i dont get is she doesn’t have but a few comments .. and is over 300 votes i have 244 legit votes  and a massive amount of comments from all my friends that are voting.. is that another sign of cheating? I think that fake votes would be faceless votes.. 

    • truckerofbc

      Getting a lot of votes without comments is another form of cheating yes. While many persons vote without commenting it is apparent from what you are describing that she may indeed be cheating. Thanks for reading Contestmob.

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  • Rich

    I’m an advocate of cheating in vote-based contests, as well as the awareness of cheating in such contests – so people will STOP making vote-based contests!!

    Nothing is worse than working your butt off on something that the guy(s) running the contest would probably consider highly, but they’re coordinated the contest so the kid who can get his mass network of teenage friends to vote wins – whether or not he was actually anywhere close to being the best.

    These contests completely devalue the true competitive nature of actually being BETTER. The time and hard work required to be truly great at something is rendered useless at the hands of some guy with a page that happens to have thousands of followers already.

    In the meantime, while I keep getting shafted, my work unseen and glossed over unfairly, I’m fighting fire with fire.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.christensen.353 Elizabeth Christensen

      I totally agree. The cheating described above is no worse than getting all of your hundreds of facebook friends to vote for you. Every does it. And if you want any fair chance in any of these vote-based contests, you’ve got to learn to play the game. Not everybody has hundreds of facebook friends they can count on for a vote so they might go to forums where vote exchanges take place – just the keep up with the rest. Yeah it might be called cheating in the traditional sense. But are all those facebook friend votes sincere votes or are they just voting because they were requested to. It’s all cheating to some extent. The only sincere voters are the ones who vote because they really like what they are voting for and not just doing it as a favor to a friend – And there are very few of those.

  • Diana

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