• mariposaman

    Further to the difficulty of finding contests seems to be finding them for Canada. I see a list of hundreds of contests and do not feel like manually sorting through each one to see if it applies. I wonder why Facebook contests are so obscure, I am sure there are many contesters willing to enter these contests if they could find them, and sponsors are missing out on publicity that their contests should be getting but do not.

  • cebrower

    Great article. I think a blog entry with a nicely sorted list of Facebook contests would be very popular. Here’s a good international Facebook contest to start with from my own fine art photography site: http://www.cebrower.com/fine-art-photography/contest/contest-details

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1038316101 Ged Matthews

    mariposaman yeah I have the same problem with UK / Europe competitions – sorting them is a bit of a pain as many US (or canada) based only… great tips though ;0)

  • jeremy bradley

    “Wishpond is providing a 50% discount on annual subscriptions to Wildfire users now in search of a self-service solution.” omg. we got 3 more days left!!!!

  • matthew wishbone