• Christine Fretwell

    I enter mostly blog contest. The one advantage to many of these is that I can usually see how many other entries there are decide if I want to come back to complete the daily tasks. If a contest is ‘good’ and has 100 or less entries, its well worth my while to come back daily. If it has over 2000 entries, I’ll proabably do a few entries and move on.
    Of course, high odds doesn’t mean a win. I was in one blog contest where 2 people entered. I lost. Sigh.

  • truckerofbc

    Been there and done that. I too have entered many contests where I thought for sure I was going to win and then I would receive the email, we regret to inform you, you did not win. But it is always a nice surprise when you see the word “congratulations”.

  • DreamFog

    I enter contests pretty much all day long. I probably spend a total of 4-6 hours on them daily. I enter about 50 daily contests–and intend on increasing that number to 150 but I always get sidetracked by facebook and twitter, lol. Oh yeah and blogs. Twitter parties are my favorite, because they are like instant win games and you get that right now gratification. I don’t use my hubby’s facebook or my kids’ facebook to enter any contests. I will pick up the phone and call my mom and/or my sisters and tell them to enter one if the odds look good and the prize is good. I did get into a contest that needed votes once and I did have the hubby and kids vote. My dtr would get so mad because I would actually make her do it and not do it for her because I felt like that would be cheating
    Blogs are great because like, Christine F. said, the total entries are right there and if there are 2000 entries and you can possible do 20 entries then you should do them all and your odds go up. They are time consuming though. I try to enter 2-3 blog contests a day that I know I would really like to win.
    As far as the daily contests-the really big prizes, I haven’t had that win yet. But I’ve won prizes from Softlips lipbalms to an ipod touch and many in between.
    Good luck to you and your letter writer. Remember to just enter as much as you can, you’re odds will go up with every entry.

    • truckerofbc

      Thanks for your input DreamFog. It is certainly appreciated. I spend 4 to 6 hours on the computer myself and the results are well displayed in my pictures on Facebook on just some of my wins! I know this is a little too much time for some, but the name of the game in reality is all about statistics. The more entries you get in the better. Those twitter parties sound good though :) Thanks for reading.