• truckerofbc

    Great Post. I won a prize just recently where the U.S. shipper did cover the taxes, but now I have just won another one where I have to pay it. Thanks for pointing out some of the hidden costs.

  • Hbwatkinson

    I live in Canada, and recently won a $250 tennis bracelet. A week after it arrived by Fedex, I received a $56 brokerage bill. When I questioned the fee, I learned i was obligated to pay, since I had accepted the goods. Lesson learned- always request US to Canada prizes be mailed to avoid brokerage fees

  • Trsrhn

    i was told i won $4 million from a sweepstakesbut i had to pay $1500 first. is that true or even legal?

  • Dorothy Fountain

    I was told I win the sweepstakes.Got me all happy. than I receved a phone call saying I haveto pay to 550. to get my money. What? Is this true?