• Helen Watkinson

    such a timely post for me. I made my first ever event for a contest and sent it out last night. Today I read your post and took it down. I don’t like them either, but thought it was au rigueur. I’ll stick with joining every group rooms and PMs

  • truckerofbc

    Hi Helen, Thanks for reading and following Contestmob.com While I do enjoy the odd event myself as an optional joining choice, I much rather prefer group rooms for their ease of use, you can leave at any time, request to join any time and you have the option of turning all the notifications off which includes chat and email. With an event you always get a notification and there is no stopping it until either the date passes or the person who made it pulls it. I think you made a wise choice:)

  • http://twitter.com/leelo124 Conrad Owens

    i don’t have any active events to double check right now but i believe you can leave an event. goto the actual event page and keep scrolling down til you hit the bottom there should be a button there to remove the event http://twitpic.com/49nvka/full
    also don’t forget to click the no button next to attending at the top of the page

    • truckerofbc

      yes on some events created you do have the option, but then there are some that dont give that option. Thanks for following contestmob :)

  • http://twitter.com/sharonnelt Sharonne Katz

    SO RELEVANT Roger – love it – I am so frustrated by this – got added to one today – GRRR.

  • truckerofbc

    Yes, I know the feeling. For the most part others leave me out of them now and spam me for votes ;)