• Islandgirl

    How true…you really have to be careful on how much time you devote to these things and not make them take priority over the things that “really matter”

    • truckerofbc

      Very well spoken Islandgirl. Time is one thing we lose daily and the more we make the most of it with our loved ones will make more of an eternal memory than winning a contest that will be forgotten with the next one.

  • KimCoady

    Although it doesn’t start with a C, I used to be a Bingo addict. The money I spent…..
    I love my coupons, though, although since I have started contesting I have neglected them as there are not that many hours in a day. At least with the coupons it did help out a lot and there was a lot of free stuff that I got from them that I still have in my stockpile that I won’t have to buy for quite awhile. Some stuff, even a couple of years. I think contesting takes up a huge part of my life though. Not think, but know.

    • truckerofbc

      Yes Kim. I agree. I had amassed so much I had to start giving it away. When I started contesting I lost all my time that I was devoting to coupons and replaced it with contests. I am not so sure that replacing it with contests was much better. Although it is nice to win, family needs devotion too.

  • http://www.twitter.com/contestmob Paulina Masson

    Personally, I get easily addicted to anything and everything. I used to be addicted to scrapbooking. I was a smoker for 10 years, and had a very hard time quitting. I am addicted to sweets, addicted to my laptop, addicted to contesting, etc etc. I am just a weak person, lol!

    • truckerofbc

      I am smoking right now. Eating Bridge Mixture (Chocolate assorted), drinking my coke, sitting here at the computer switching between Facebook and Points and Prizes to enter words. Today is my day. I warned my family 3 days ago that today is Superbowl Sunday. It may not be the best family devotional time, but they were warned.lol
      Yes addictions are very hard to defeat but sometimes we all need one habit, we just need to keep it under control so it doesn’t take control.

      • http://www.twitter.com/contestmob Paulina Masson

        :D:D:D:D: They were warned! Me too – I have family days like that sometimes!

  • contestaddict

    You know your addicted when even on vacation your bring you laptop and curse when the connection is not so good that you cannot enter your contests…

    • truckerofbc

      I have not been on Vacation to know this feeling yet, but I do know when i am at work, I crave to be at home contesting :)

  • patti

    You forgot credit cards, begin with c’s and you can use and abuse them too.

    • truckerofbc

      Ahh yes another dreaded addiction that can easily take over someone’s life. Thanks for reminding us. :) and thanks for following.

  • Flycast5

    I started to hear the word “obsessed” from my husband a few months ago and really had to step back from the computer and build a plan on how to quit being addicted to contesting. In fact, right now hes looking at me. I have to log off :(

    • truckerofbc

      I understand your situation Flycast5, I have the same problem too :)