• Mike T

    I voted.. I hope you spend some time reading around this site and also talking with some other experienced members of the contest cabal. They’ll help you with how to work your own votes, size up your competition, and realistically evaluate your chances of winning a particular contest.

    • OCDContester

      Thanks! How do I talk to other members? Is there a forum page I’m
      missing? I’ve definitely been reading the articles on this site. I
      actually ran out of articles on Personal Stories and have been working
      through the Tips section.

      • Mike T

        They’re all over facebook. If you’re in a sponsor’s contest, first best place to start is to look at the sponsor’s mentions on facebook in the form of them being tagged in posts. Next, start looking at different voting groups. About.com has a big one, and there’s many all over facebook as well.

        In a nutshell, you start being friends with them, find who they’re mutually promoting (ie, you post my contest to your wall and I post yours to mine), and get to know people that do contests regularly.

        Using likes to judge popularity or votes is not a good measure. If you had visibility into shares, that would be a good place. You can use google to ferret out where other entrants’ links are posted. Use the same way you got your link to find where your competitors are posting their links.

        • OCDContester

          That is all very good advice. I will definitely use all of it. Being in a contest is pretty time consuming!

  • OCDContester

    Right now we’re in second place and may actually win!!! Voting ends Wednesday 3/13 at midnight!

  • VeronicaPatenaude

    Something is wrong with your website. It keeps giving an internal server error issue half the time, and most of the links forward back to the main page. There is no contest checker and you cannot fill out the application. I’m disappointed nothing works on this site.

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